Our Killarney Artisans

We are so pleased to announce the following artists are displaying their work at Killarney Picnic Basket Day.

Jan Allan

I was inspired to paint after inheriting some of my paternal grandmother’s art work.

After attending various classes, tutors and studying different mediums, my preferred choice is painting using acrylic and oils.

I enjoy painting in the company of like-minded artists who all offer helpful tips and encouragement.

After conquering the challenges of portraits, landscapes, abstracts in pastels oil sticks, water colours, I now specialize in photographing, sketching and painting still life, in particular all types of flora and being able to create the wonderful beauty luminosity and softness of all varieties of flowers

Anna Irorere 

Anna Irorere is a Killarney based artist who has a love of ceramic sculpting, drawing, painting and silver smithing.

My ceramic work has always been figurative and feminine with inspirations from nature. My artwork has always has a whimsical vibe and I love story and myth as a beginning to an artwork.

I enjoy many different mediums with my creative journey and am a self taught silversmith.

I have studied art and design and have an Advanced Diploma in Ceramics. 

I find Killarney to be a source of inspiration to me with its dramatic hilltops and gorges, incredible bird life and other creatures we are lucky to be surrounded by.


Dawn Head Rose

I am largely self-taught as I grew up at a time when an art career was not encouraged. As a child I would take every opportunity to sketch, copying book illustrations and dutifully going to Sunday-School where I could happily colour the biblical drawings, and outline them with black pencil. 

Marriage and children ensured much of my time was spent on interests elsewhere for a number of years but the creative part of my soul had to be reckoned with, and a change in my circumstances saw my interest in art reawakened and I have been making up for lost time ever since.

With much of my inspiration coming from our amazing Australian landscape, I usually choose to work in acrylics and pastel as the rich colours available in these mediums are ideal and necessary to illustrate texture and tone. However when representing flowers fauna and still life subjects, I prefer to work in the softer medium of watercolour and coloured pencil. I would describe myself as a traditional artist with my subjects often taking on an unusual aspect in their design and composition. I often prefer to make the viewpoint directly from above or even below the subject to give the viewer a sense of “being right there”

I enjoy researching a subject or a theme before applying my own method of representation and this enables me to draw enormous satisfaction in the execution of any artwork undertaken.

During the past ten years or so I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed success with art sales as well as acknowledgement with exhibitions and several awards along the road of experience.

I am always grateful for sound advice and do take tips and hints away from workshops I attend, however I strive at all times to remain true to my own unique style. I see this as a delicate balancing act in my art practice journey.


Loretta Grayson

Loretta creates imaginary and geometric landscapes in gouache, oil pastel, collage and mixed media. Her artwork is inspired by colour, pattern, map imagery and the book illustrations of her childhood. Loretta also finds a lot of inspiration in literature and poetry. You’ll often find her sharing pieces that illustrate the small worlds Loretta creates in her head from the much loved lines Loretta has jotted in her art journal while reading.

Loretta operates a small one woman business selling prints of her work online, and also exhibits and sells originals as opportunities arise.

When Loretta is not painting, she loves to crochet. Loretta mostly creates her own designs and occasionally gets around to writing the patterns to share.

Loretta loves collaborative projects, and coordinate the Warwick Art Gallery Yarntopians team; an amazing group who work together to produce large scale yarnbombing installations for Jumpers & Jazz in July, a ten day yarnbombing and jazz festival held in Warwick, QLD each year.


Di Kelly

Dianne Kelly is a Brisbane born-and-based professional watercolour artist. Di was originally trained in commercial/fine art, working in advertising before pursuing her absolute love and sharing her passion of water colour painting. Di is still teaching 32 years later and has now fulfilled her dream of writing her first book, The art of Watering Colour. Over the years, Di has had several of her paintings published as limited edition prints, as well as producing several ranges of gift cards featuring watercolour images from her overseas travels. Di’s works hang in collections around Australia and overseas and are currently being incorporated into her new range of fabrics and wallpapers


Jan Laws

7 years ago when I retired I decided I needed to find a creative outlet that would also keep me busy. I found an advertisement for pottery lessons, in the paper, at the Warwick Pottery club and went along. I enjoyed the pottery and the other members’ company so much that after a few lessons I joined the club. For the first couple of years I made hand built pieces and liked to incorporate impressions of flowers and foliage which I gathered from my local area, Tannymorel. I also experimented with some local clay that my brother in law discovered on the family property at Tannymorel.

In June 2016 I attended a Crystal Glazing workshop given by Bill Powell at the Gold Coast which changed the direction of my pottery. Crystal glazes look best on wheel turned pots so that led me to learn how to throw on the wheel. My husband and I have now set up a small studio at home with our own wheel and kiln and enjoy mixing our own glazes. Not sure which direction my potting will take next but I will enjoy learning, experimenting and keeping very busy.  My work is for sale at at Just Because in Warwick.  If you would like to see more of my work you can go to https://www.instagram.com/keabledene_pottery

Robert Laws

When I retired a couple of years ago after working for 45 years for the National Parks my wife Jan talked me into going to pottery with her on a Wednesday. I enjoyed the pottery and spending time with the other members and have been the vice-president of the Warwick Pottery club for the last two years. Recently I have become interested in Raku firing after attending a workshop at Redcliffe.

I have resurrected a Raku kiln, with the help of a local gas fitter, which has been sitting idle at the club for a number of years and hope to make Raku firing a regular occurrence at the club.

My work is for sale at Just Because in Warwick.  If you would like to see more of my work you can go to https://www.instagram.com/keabledene_pottery

Other Artists

  • Marie Galloway
  • Hilary Edmondstone
  • Paul Stumkat.